1. Using the ONLINE PRE-SQUAD system does not give any advantage to the user as to when your request will be processed.  All requests are treated equally and processed after the posted start date.  All requests received after the start date will be processed based on receive date.

2. The  ONLINE PRE-SQUAD system is completely automated.  So be very careful to include the correct ATA # on your request.  If the computer system does not recognize the ATA # on your request because you used the wrong one, it will ignore your request for that position.  There are no refunds allowed because you the user typed in the wrong ATA #.  So please be very careful to check your application request to make sure it is accurate or you will be very disappointed.

3. Because we can not start processing the pre-squadding until after the posted start date, and sometimes don't start working on it until a week or so after that, it may be sometime before you receive your squadding information.  We will make every effort to email your squad information as quickly as possible.  In the event you do not receive it, you can always check your individual squad information at any one of the kiosks that will be set up at the shoot.

4. If you have any changes to your request once you have submitted it,  please wait until the shoot and see us in the office to make your changes.  Because of our busy schedule, it is very difficult to address these issues until we are set up at the shoot.  You can email any changes to and put the words "pre-squad changes" in the subject line.  But I do not make any guaranties that we will make these changes until the shoot starts.  This is only for online pre-squad requests.

5. Handicap squadding is limited to a maximum of 2 yards on a squad.  The computer system will not allow more so please don't ask.  If you are squadding people that will not be able to shoot handicap with you, you can still use just one request form.  Put the proper yardage for each member and the computer system will automatically squad the correct yardage.  If you have a different person for your squad for handicap that will be shooting singles and doubles,  please submit two request forms.  Use the first form for the people that will be shooting the majority of events together, and a second form for those squad mates that will be shooting the other events with you.  Please remember not to duplicate anyone while submitting two request forms.

6. Please verify with your squad members that they intend to shoot with you.  If you duplicate a person that has already had a pre-squad form submitted with their name on it, that person will be put on the first request that is pulled and the position on the second request with their name on it will not be filled or refunded.

7. Please be aware that many of the third party browsers do not interface properly with the payment gateways.  If you are having problems, please try the Microsoft Internet Explore version 6 or later.

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