1. Requests received before or including May 20  will be given equal priority and drawn at random.  All requests received after this date will be processed by received date.  No requests will be accepted after June 10.


  1. The non-refundable service charge of $2.00 per position, per event, must be paid with your request.  Although every effort will be made to fill bank and time request, we make no guarantee that your request will be filled exactly as requested, and there are no refunds for any reasons.  The banks are now offered by group.  East Banks 1 - 4, Middle Banks 5 - 8, and West Banks 9 - 12.  You may select any one group of banks and will then be placed at random on the banks within that group.  You may also select "Any Group" and you will be assigned a group at random.   Banks will be swapped for Saturday's singles, Event #12.  See program page 44 for details.


  1. Please be sure to have your ATA plastic card when you are at the entry windows.  You will not be able to enter any events without your plastic card.   


  1. If you draw squad positions that will not be used for an event, please see squadding personnel or use the self-service terminals to release your position.  Releasing your position allows us to fill holes in open squads, making this tournament more enjoyable for all shooters. A shooter may not draw more than one (1) position per event.


  1. You will directly input your entries, including options, at the cashier windows using a touch screen system. Upon paying your entry fees, you will be supplied with a receipt showing your squad, and position along with your class/yardage, options and applicable categories for each event entered. Once you leave the cashier window, your entry cannot be changed for options or squadding.


  1. In an effort to avoid unused positions, it is imperative that you either cashier or release all positions that you have pre-squadded for prior to the event.  Anyone that does not cashier or release positions that have been pre-squadded in their name will risk having any or all subsequent pre-squadded positions in their name released by management.  You may call the office at 419-253-0800 if you can not make it to the club in time and have your position released.


  1. A shooter may only draw one position per event.  Any shooters wishing to squad together must fill out only one application indicating the shooters full name, ATA number, and handicap yardage on the line indicating which position that shooter wishes to shoot.  Applications for full or partial squads that do not have each shooter’s information completely and properly filled out will not be honored.  Multiple applications for any individual will be discarded and will not be refunded.  The first application encountered will be processed only.


  1. Squadding will be restricted to a maximum of 2 yards on a squad.



  1. Telephone and mail-in requests will not be honored.

The shot curtain has been damaged beyond repair and
has been removed permanently.



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