Web Site Upgrades


December 7, 2014


Well folks it isnít all just sunshine and lounging around down here in southern Florida, I have been busy upgrading my web site and server farm here.  Since all of my web system is hosted myself, I try to keep it up to date and the latest hardware.  If in the last week or so you have tried to reach my web site and got a page not available error, it was due to a maintenance upgrade.


Ok for you tech heads, I have installed two new web servers with 2 terabytes of storage each, and each running dual xenon 16 core processors.  Also installed is a new cloud router with a 16 core processor running the latest RouterOS.  I have also upgraded our internet connection with Comcast and have a business class 100 MBS internet backbone.


What this means for those of you that donít speak nerd, it means faster web services and greater speeds on the leader board and web cams from the shoots.  The system can now host 100 times more users at one time.  Now with any new equipment and systems upgrade, there are usually some bugs to work out.  I will be testing this system between now and the end of the year so that come the first shoot at the Silver Dollar in January, everything should be good to go.


As you know, there is no advertising on my web site and there never will be.  I dislike all of those pop up adds you get on web sites and vowed I would never subject my users to that sort of commercialism.  I fund all of the web system myself from the shoots that I do.  So I hope you all appreciate the hard work that has gone into these upgrades to give you a quality service.


RJ Stuart


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